Beff tartare/Devil’s Appetizer NOWOŚĆ
38 zł

Beef tartare with quail egg/ pickles/ shallots/ marinated shimeji/ Dijon mustard/ chive mayonnaise/bread

Flatbread from Balt’s oven vega
19 zł

Crispy flatbread roasted in dragon’s fire/flavoured olive/pesto

Roasted pork rinds
18 zł

Roasted pork rinds/BBQ sauce

Dragon ribs
23 zł

Pork rib/white bean paste/spring onion/BBQ sauce

Beer plate
41 zł

Flatbread/roasted pork rinds/peasant sausage and black pudding from Leipzig/home-made pate/horseradish/chili gherkins/BBQ sauce

Light plate vega
39 zł

Flatbread/chickpea hummus/olive tapenade/balsamic onions/bean paste/falafel